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LAVISH™ Fire Pit

Frequently Asked Questions And Specifications
LAVISH™ Fire Pit



Q. How high off the ground does this sit once assembled?
A. Once you set up the fire pit the mesh stands about 1 feet above the ground.
Q. Are the legs made of stainless steel as well as the mesh screen?
A. Yes! All the legs and the net are made off of stainless steel.
Q. Does it expel burning ashes on a windy day?
A. You can certainly use this outside, even on a windy day. However, please make sure the wind is not too strong to turn over the pit and spread the fire.
Q. Is this good for a backyard? Do the ashes fall through?
A. You can use this fire pit on a backyard, yes! Ash does not go through the mesh and can be carried to dump on a designated place.
Q. Does it come with a carry bag?
A. Yes, you will get an elegant pouch to fold and insert the entire fire pit in it.
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• Height: 32cm, Width: 42cm, Length: 42cm
• Load Bearing: Up to 11 lb (5kg)
• Body Material: Stainless steel
• Weight: Approximately 1.8 lb (800g)