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Purchased this last week and used it while camping. I am very happy with this fire pit! It's very compact and takes 30 seconds to set up. All you have to do is fold out the legs and snap the little metal clips on the edges of the screen in and ta-da! We used this for roasting marshmallows and hot dogs, etc. We typically used 2-3 logs at a time and it held up just fine. Easy to clean, just rinse with water and use a sponge to get the remaining ash off the mesh. It rolls up very easily and stores without taking up much more space than a large umbrella. It was sturdy, compact, and easy to use. No issues at all. I love it!
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Tiara Hakim
When you’re traveling to different campgrounds, parks, festivals, or even just out the back door, it’s difficult to find a fire pit that can be so versatile. Without the proper procedure, formulating an outdoor fire can be risky as the ash and fire debris can spread quickly with the wind. It’s fun to sit around the mesmerizing smokeless flames and enjoy the cozy heat of the fire, but you’re probably worried about the difficulty of arrangement and leaving scorch marks on the grass.
Presenting the Lavish™ Fire Pit, a portable eco-friendly burner that can help you to conveniently arrange blazing campfires to improve your outdoor experience. Meticulously woven to limit ash and debris from slipping through, the stainless steel mesh keeps the environment safe and makes it easy to clean up the fire waste. This lets you bring along a roaring burner almost anywhere you may travel and provides a unique unobstructed fire experience when it comes to building a contained fire.
✅ WARM FAMILY TIME: A safe burner provides both a heat source and a purpose for your small backyard gatherings. Enjoy quality family time with the Lavish™ Fire Pit!
✅ EASY CLEAN: Exceptionally woven stainless steel mesh holds ashes and debris in it so you can easily throw the dust in a designated place once done, leaving no footprint of fire.

✅ 360° AIRFLOW: The tiny perforated mesh maximizes the airflow from all sides, creating an ultra-efficient smoke-free fire flame.
 FAST COOKING:Dynamic 360° airflow provokes beautiful glowing coals very quickly, which generates powerful heat for fast cooking and keeping you warm.
✅ LIGHTWEIGHT AND VERSATILE: Extreme durability, lightweight, and convenience of carrying makes this fire pit a must-have if you enjoy staying warm while sitting in the yard or on the go.
We understand the difficulty of locating a nice convenient spot to set up a fire and not be worried about the safety and cleaning. Whether you're at the campsite, the beach, or entertaining guests in your backyard, it’s not the same without a fire. Research shows a majority of US forest fires are caused by humans because building an uncontained fire on the ground can spread the ashes to ignite a larger fire.
Fortunately, with the Lavish™ Fire Pit, you can easily set up a super-efficient burn that’s not only mesmerizing to watch but a joy to sit around and make memories. Ash resistant stainless steel mesh holds all the debris of the wood so you can clean it up effortlessly leaving no trace of ash and burns behind. Having the luxury of a fire pit wherever you go, but also needing something portable and space-saving, the Lavish™ Fire Pit is a great addition to enhance your outdoor lifestyle.
• Height: 32cm, Width: 42cm, Length: 42cm
• Load Bearing: Up to 11 lb (5kg)
• Body Material: Stainless steel
• Weight: Approximately 1.8 lb (800g)
• (1) X Complete fire pit (stand, mesh, clamps)
• (1) X Portable pouch bag
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