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LAVISH™ Mini-Star Microphone

The recording sound quality is particularly clear, and the noise reduction is also very good. This is definitely much better than the noise reduction function of any mobile phone recording. Charging is quick, convenient to use, affordable, and I like the little clip for the mic to creatively attach wherever. This is a must-have for making videos, calls, doing interviews, etc. Overall, I really like it and definitely would recommend it!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Burton Roy
Poor sound quality and interruptive noise are real struggles when you want to record a skillful video using your phone or do a live stream. The built-in phone microphone or an attached microphone isn't capable of recognizing your voice when you speak from a distance and it also can't eliminate the unwanted surrounding noise. Using an old-school wired microphone not only adds more hassle to your life, but visible wires also have proven to distract audience attention and reduce the appraisal of the contents.
Presenting the Mini-Star Wireless Microphone which comes with an intelligent built-in noise cancelation feature that allows you to record and communicate with clear audio even when you are in a noisy environment. Creatively designed with 360° omnidirectional sound reception this microphone promises top-notch audio capturing ability so you have the confidence to start recording in any surroundings. Upgrade the sound quality in your videos and live streams and deliver an enhanced, uninterrupted audience experience
✅ FLAWLESS SOUND: The built-in noise cancelation chip and 360° sound reception will capture clean and uninterrupted sound to improve your audience experience.
✅ MOVE FREELY: High-end wireless signal allows you to detach yourself from the phone/camera/laptop and conveniently record videos, go live, or attend meetings with clear and stable audio.
✅ ELEVATE VISUAL EXPERIENCE: Whether you're performing live or taking video interviews, the wireless design gives you a clean look so you and your viewers are not distracted by the presence of wires.
✅ PORTABLE, LONG BATTERY LIFE: The Mini-Star can be used for up to 10 hours with a full charge, and the combined weight of the microphone and receiver is only 11 grams so you can effortlessly carry it anywhere.
✅ WIDE COMPATIBILITY: As long as your device has a USB C port or, the Lightning port you can easily connect this microphone to your phone, tablet, and laptop and record seamlessly.
1. Connect the receiver to the phone
2. Press the microphone switch key
3. The microphone is ready for use
We understand how low-quality audio negatively impacts your viewers' experience and interrupts your live streams. This can be really frustrating when you lose your audience's interest and attention due to poor sound quality and constantly have to make sure if the microphone is plugged in and working properly. Recent statistics showed that 75% of the viewers stop watching a video if the audio is unclear and overall bad in quality.
The Mini-Star Microphone is designed with cutting-edge technology to record excellent sound quality so you can take a deep breath of relief and enhance your audience experience. Mini-Star helps you increase the audience interest in your YouTube videos and live streams by delivering high-quality audio so you can be productive and create more skillful contents. Now you can enjoy a smooth and soothing audio connection and at the same time boost the quality of your creations.
• Charging Port: Lightning/Type-C
• Battery Capacity: 80mAh
• Transmission Distance: 8m barrier, 20m barrier-free
• (1) X Rechargeable Wireless Microphone
• (1) X Receiver
• (1) X USB Cable
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