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LAVISH™ Non-Inflatable Swim Trainer

Specs & FAQs

Best thing I have bought in a while! Baby loves it (5months old). No sharp edges or anything else where the baby could get scratched, very nice and skin-friendly material. I highly recommend buying the version with sun protection.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Brenda Taylor
Considering the risk of drowning and sun exposure, Infants and swimming don't seem like an obvious match. All these fears can scare you away from enjoying a relaxing time with your baby in the pool. However, if you use our top-rated baby swim trainer creatively designed with a UV protection canopy and added safety features, your little one can splish and splash all day long.
The Non-Inflatable Swim Trainer features a unique five-point protection design that holds the entire body of your baby to prevent flip over and fall off. The swim trainer takes the responsibility to help you and your child feel confident and relaxed in the water. Never again be terrified of water and with the help of our safe, secure, and reliable baby float, introduce your infant to good water safety habits, and make swimming a fun way for both of you to be active.

Reasons Why Our Swim Trainer Will Change Your Life

✅ TEACH SWIMMING: Research published in Medical News Today reads, "Babies who start swimming at an early age improve their coordination, balance, and are better at grasping things than non-swimmers." With our safe and secure swim trainer confidently introduce your infant to water.
✅ SWIMMING REDUCES STRESS: Swimming is recommended in more than 80% of the medical cases for both children and the elderly. Research shows swimming is highly effective to reduce anxiety and high levels of stress.
✅ NO RISK OF DROWNING: Unlike a risky inflatable swim trainer, our new generation baby float is made with air-free, water-resistant Pearl Foam inside which doesn't leak. A non-inflatable allows you to be confident and enjoy a stress-free swim session with your baby.
✅ SAFETY IS THE MOST PRIORITY: Just like you we are also concerned about the safety of your baby. With upgraded safety buckle our swim trainer provides 5 support points and a perfect 40°angle to keep balance to avoid baby flip over and fall off. 
✅ PROTECTS FROM UV RADIATION: The health effect of UV radiation ranges from skin cancer to a lot of diseases including Immune system suppression. With a removable UV-PROOF sun canopy protectyour baby from the sun during the summer pool time.


1. Unlock all the buckles
2. Put the baby
3. Close the wings
4. Adjust waist tightness
5. Adjust the crotch
6. Ready for swimming
We understand how scary it is to take your child to the water and feel unsafe the entire time. It can be very frustrating when you can't spend your leisure time relaxing in the pool with your baby which benefits both of you. A recent study suggests swimming is one of the most loved family activities that benefit your child's development both physically and mentally and provides quality bonding time.
Our top-rated safe and secure swim trainer can help your baby enjoy risk-free swim time in your pool and keep you stress-free and relaxed. Swimming not only offers the opportunity to spend quality time with your baby, it is also a great cardiovascular workout for infants which boosts strength and develops flexibility. Now you can give your child the scope to build their confidence, endurance, and muscle strength from an early age and prepare them to be resilient as they grow up.



• Fits children's weight from 13 to 40 lbs
• Suitable for kids 3 - 24 months.
• Width: 50cm


• (1) X Swim Trainer
• (1) X Tail
• (1) X Canopy


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