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LAVISH™ Dynamite Leggings

I really like these tights a lot and I definitely recommend them! I wore these on a fairly cold & windy day underneath a maxi dress (the wind makes the temperature so much colder here). They appear to be well made and they fit me perfectly! They are very soft & warm! The weight of the fabric is just right. I'm so glad I got two! As for washing them... I just threw them into the washing machine (on cold)... They came out looking like new. I've never been able to do that with tights before, but, I did hang them up to dry & they were dry within several hours!
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Luv
There are plenty of reasons to hate winter, but probably the main reason is the stress of having to wear multiple layers which impacts your comfort level and appeal of the whole outfit. Wearing multiple layers at once restricts body movement and the additional weight makes you feel heavy and uncomfortable. Cold temperatures also negatively affect your health because cold weather constricts your blood vessels and thickens the blood, which causes chest pain and makes it very difficult to breathe.
Presenting the Dynamite Leggings, delicately fabricated with warm fleece inside to give you natural breathable skin and make you confident to go outside during winter. These sleek leggings keep the air close to the skin so that once the body warms up the heat remains in the body for longer and works as a safeguard against heat loss. With Lavish™ Dynamic Leggings express your attire elegance and remain upbeat when going out in the cold.
✅ CONTROL BODY TEMPERATURE: Designed with fleece lines inside these leggings softly hug your skin and work as a safeguard against convection, evaporation, and conduction to contain the heat in your body.
✅ STRETCHY & BREATHABLE: The Dynamite Leggings adhere to the leg and take the shape of your body which enables a completely natural body movement and frees you up for intense activities.
✅ STAY WARM: Due to the softness and durability, the pants remain in shape and are always comfortable to wear indoors or outdoors. The fleece on the inside wicks away the moisture very quickly to keep you nice and warm. 
✅ EXPRESS YOUR FASHION SENSE: Whether you’re going to the gym, running errands, and down for an outing with friends, you can acknowledge the appeal of wearing leggings because it not only is comfortable and casual to wear but also makes you look confident in yourself.
✅ IMPROVES POSTURE: The high-rise waistband leggings work greatly to provide core support to your abs and back. And according to a Harvard article developing core muscle strength contributes to a trimmer appearance and boosts the effectiveness of workouts.
We understand how challenging it is to find the ideal outfit to save you from cold weather conditions and also from looking like a fashion disaster during winter. It is frustrating because it's quite difficult to wear multiple layers every time you go out, but you also need heavy attire to protect yourself against the cold weather. Research shows wearing too many layers during winter can also lead to sweating, which can lead to dehydration and may also make you tired easily.
Thankfully, with Lavish™ Dynamite Leggings you can confidently enhance the appeal of your whole outfit as well as provide adequate warmth to your body. With buttery-soft fabric on the outside, the inside of this legging is lined with a fuzzy, velvet fleece that feels like a warm hug and exceedingly satisfying to wear in the cold weather. These leggings are precisely woven with four-way stretch material as well as a tummy-control waistband for great shaping aspect and the freedom with your body movement.
• Waist Type: High
• Length: Ankle-Length
• Material: Wool, Polyester, Spandex
• (1) X Legging Pant
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